Our Jobs

Specialized in realizing corporate real estate, our group designs and builds your business premises, offices, sales offices and logistics platforms. We carry out these turnkey operations, both for new constructions, for rehabilitations or transformations of existing buildings.


From the expression of your needs we build your technical specifications while remaining in your budget envelope. For our teams, cost control begins with an optimal design of your project.

 ASTIOM brings you all the services and guarantees necessary for the realization of a property development operation. Our teams build your project from A to Z, from the search for land until the turnkey delivery of the building, through the organization of financial tour de table and management of the entire administrative file: legal assembly, financing , programming, building permit … If you wish to rent your furniture, ASTIOM offers you turnkey rental solutions with third-party investors.

ASTIOM CONSTRUCTION carries out, with its own human resources, the design and the realization of the works. His mastery of the technical and architectural choices and his knowledge of the regulatory constraints, allows him to take responsibility for all the risks inherent in your project by guaranteeing firm contractual commitments, on price, time and quality of implementation.

APUY ARCHITECTURE accompanies you in the study and its feasibility, until the deposit of the building permit. He is assisted in this by ASTIOM CONSTRUCTION who brings his practical experience of building sites. This creates an interactive work between the design teams and the works teams, which, based on your specifications and your budget on the one hand, and urban planning rules and terrain characteristics on the other, go give birth to your project in the most successful way.

Our engagements


Our group is a human-sized company that works closely with your services for a better technical definition of your needs.


We are always working to bring you innovative solutions to ensure technical and economic qualities to your project. Our goal is to build a building with the best performance.


In the design phase, we update your project quickly and accurately, as much as necessary, according to the changes you make.
In the realization phase, our rigor and our organization allow us to coordinate construction actors to deliver your work in a very short time.
In costumer service phase, our perfect knowledge of the files and our proximity with the companies directors assure you of very fast response times.

Customer service

We accompany you in all your steps, both technical and legal, with the administrations, to obtain, as quickly as possible, the administrative authorizations necessary for the realization of your construction.

Our contacts

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Burocampus – Bat F
78590 Noisy le Roi

Patrice Manca

Directeur du Développement

Agence PACA

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